Jill & Douglas

All too often Douglas is called "Wendell" and I am called "Wendy"!  To us it's a compliment. Wendell B Powell was an artist, photographer, business owner, and trend setter. He was the first portrait photographer in Richmond, VA in the early 1940's. He had a vision and we are so thankful he introduced it to  us Richmonders. It is a style of photography that is sophisticated, timeless and unfussy.  He created a "brand" before it was even a buzz word.  In 2018, over 75 years later, brides come to us from near and far for the same everlasting fine art portraiture. We have maintained his consistency in quality and elegance with every portrait we create.

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We always ask our clients the question: "How did you hear about us?" and the overwhelming response we receive is "Who doesn't know about Wendell Powell?  It's the only choice for a bride!"  So, thank you to our supportive community near and far.  Our dedicated team of photographers are committed to Wendell B. Powell and the "brand" he created.   It is our goal to continue this tradition for many generations to come.  

In 2017, our Community Voted us #1 Best Photographer in VA Living Magazine.  We placed in both 2016 and 2015 for top 3 photography studio in VA Living Magazine.  Also in  2017, our Peer's Voted Douglas Top Ten Photographer of the Year by Virginia Professional Photographers Association!  We have been published nationally and locally.  

Southern Bride March 2018 publication